Due to the effectiveness of the hydroxyl molecule, industrial companies are achieving unprecedented competitive advantages. Odorox® provides a complete customized solution for Air Quality Issues.

The following is a sampling of businesses where Odorox® can provide effective solutions to some of the toughest problems:

  • Wastewater / Sewage
  • Treatment Facilities
  • Rendering Plants
  • Pulp & Paper Mills
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Oil / Petro chemical Refineries
  • Industrial / Diesel Exhaust
  • Aeration ponds
  • Composting facilities
  • Garbage transfer
  • Recycling facilites
  • Lift stations
  • Breweries Sludge & Slurry Handling
  • Food & Beverage


industrial solutions

Odorox® Technology is capable of:

  • Elimination of contaminants - produces no harmful by-products or materials that require further treatment or disposal.
  • Very low operating and maintenance cost.
  • Does not require any chemicals or disposal of contaminated odour absorption media.
  • Unlike ozone, foggers, harsh chemicals and other conventional methods, the Odorox® system is safe for rubber, plastic, vinyl, electronics and other sensitive materials.
  • Very small footprint installation - Odorox® equipment are easily adaptable for retrofitting existing plant operations.
  • Eliminates odour causing compounds: Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Alcohols, Ketones, Aldehydes, Creosols, Dimethydisulfide, Ammonia, Amines, Chlorine, Phenols, Acrylates, Mercaptans, Dimethylsulfide, Sketoles, Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) & many more...


Industrial applications of the Odorox® Technology require appropriate planning and understanding of the conditions for which the technology will be applied. Contact your sales representative for references from other users and a proposal to have our team of experts review your business and provide a plan to achieve the desired results. Please call us to get the process started today.

Custom design and engineered solutions are available.