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Help Purify the Air and Surfaces with EnvAir and Pyure Technology to Help Protect Staff and Patients in Healthcare and Long-Term Care Settings

Hospital-Grade Air Purification

Help reduce air and surface pathogens in medical, long-term care and other health related facility settings.

Air and surface borne viruses and bacteria increase the risk of healthcare-associated infections.

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Healthcare related facilities such as hospitals, doctor/dental clinics and long-term care centers face ongoing challenges, from viral outbreaks to frequent bacterial infections including those that are antibiotic-resistant.

Surface cleaning methods are effective for a period of time, but recontamination is rapid. The cleaning products used in healthcare facilities can introduce pollutants into the air that may aggravate patients.

Healthcare and Long-Term Care facilities need solutions that support 24/7 sanitization, improve general air quality, and further reduce the risks associated with airborne and surface pathogens.

Surface cleaning methods are effective
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