Odorox has changed our life…

Odorox has changed our life… I would say my son’s life to a better and healthier living. My son “Zach” was born premature at 31 weeks. As I look back, my stress level was to the roof dealing with his condition. He was diagnosed with Chronic Asthma since he was born. At 11 months he was admitted at Alberta Children’s Hospital-ICU. We were at the hospital for the whole month.  That was worst part of my life, seeing my son in that kind of situation where you can’t do anything but pray.  I was so paranoid about my son getting some virus, we stayed at home most of the time during winter. Zach wasn’t able to play with other kids because he was so susceptible to infection.   We continued battling with asthma as medications prescribed were ineffective or predicted to become effective after his taking them for up to a year. In January 2016, an Odorox air purifier was introduced to me and the first night we used that equipment it has changed my son’s life. No colds, no more sleepless nights for him and me and he can play normally with the other kids and that’s priceless. I would highly recommend Odorox to all the mom’s out there that are in the same situation as me.


Chona Rivera

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