Odorox Hydroxyl Technology


We thrive in sunlight. Virus, bacteria and molds do not. ODOROX® Hydroxyl Technology replicates nature’s process indoors. In fact, it is the absence of nature’s hydroxyl radicals within our homes, and our work places that leads to “Sick Building Syndrome”.

Hydroxyls are the earth’s natural scrubbers. Hydroxyls occur naturally in our Earth’s atmosphere. Hydroxyls are safe, naturally occurring molecules, and are the single most important cleansing agent for our outdoor environment. It can be said that the current state of poor indoor air quality is the result of the absence of naturally occurring atmospheric hydroxyls within the building envelope.

As our indoor environments have become increasingly closed off from the outdoors, our homes, work places, indoor recreational and travel environments have chronic, unhealthy levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and pathogens. Indoor air sanitizing systems were developed to address these contaminants.

The EPA reports that indoor air quality can be up to 100 times more polluted than outside air, resulting in unhealthy living conditions and many other associated health risks. The American Lung Association reports that poor indoor air quality is among the top five environmental risks to public health.

NASA had conducted years of research into atmospheric hydroxyls only to conclude that life on Earth would not be possible without the activity of atmospheric hydroxyls. However, outdoor hydroxyls are very short-lived and do not survive long enough to cleanse indoor air. As hydroxyls are not naturally occurring indoors, the challenge developed into the question: “How does one produce or generate atmospheric hydroxyls?”

History was made when HGI Industries Inc. developed and patented their ODOROX® hydroxyl generating technology. These devices can safely and effectively outperform chemicals, foams, sprays and misters. ODOROX® Hydroxyl Technology replicates nature’s process indoors.

ODOROX® hydroxyl generating technology is a non-chemical, economical, and environmentally safe solution for neutralizing the most difficult odors, harmful bacteria and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

Contaminated air is drawn though the machine’s chamber where the water vapor from the air is multiple frequencies of UV lightcombined with multiple frequencies of UV light to create ODOROX® atmospheric hydroxyls and sanitize the air. Unlike other air purifiers, contaminated air does not need to pass through the chamber. The purified air is recycled back into the environment together with these hydroxyls to further deodorize and decontaminate the air, surfaces and contents.