Safe and Natural


The Odorox® UV hydroxyl generating technology does not use any chemicals or create any toxic by products but merely mimics the earth’s atmospheric cleansing process and brings it indoors. The earth has used this same technique for millions of years proving effective and safe for humans, plants, pets etc.

safe and natural3rd party testing has been carried out to prove the effectiveness of Hydroxyls on a myriad of referenced organisms by highly regarded independent laboratories. Extensive Live Animal Safety Testing was carried out by a renowned U.S. Atmospheric Laboratory. Air discharge testing was also completed by a third party lab in California. These onerous tests confirmed that even high concentrations of hydroxyls do not pose any ill health effects to people, animals or materials. Testing has been performed to prove the effectiveness on a myriad of reference organisms by independent labs as well as we present many case studies where it has been used effectively in the field.

The commercial & industrial models add more optics to create higher concentrations of hydroxyls so the technology can be effectively used on some of the toughest bacteria and odour issues in industry. The larger machines are built with sensors to prevent over processing. As the pathogens or VOC’s are eliminated, the machine begins shutting down bulbs keeping the space clean and safe.


Many companies describe their products and services as “green” but what does that really mean? In the Odorox® case, we describe this technology as “Green” because it harnesses the same wave energy as the sun and does not use chemicals or produce any residual compounds. It merely uses UV light and humidity to create the hydroxyls to provide a cleaning mechanism. It uses very little energy and cleans some of the toughest odour and bacteria on the planet. We have created a chart for the electricity use and encourage you to help change the world by working with newer technologies that take these principals seriously.

Download Energy Usage Chart (.pdf)