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The ability to clean indoor air while people, animals or plants are present creates a unique solution to some of the toughest agricultural contamination challenges. EnvAir methodology creates unprecedented competitive advantages. Whether in confined feeding, slaughterhouses or greenhouses, EnvAir hydroxyl generators can help reduce bacteria, mildew and contaminated air creating a new opportunity for advanced agriculture farming.

The following is a sampling of Agra-Business where EnvAir technology is highly effective:

Livestock production

Meat/Food Processing

Beverage Production

Rendering Facilities


Vertical Grow Operations

Equestrian Facilities/Barns

Animal & Produce transport and storage

Agricultural market

Pathogens, air quality and odors impact the health and safety of animal and food production

Livestock production faces odour issues for both its staff and surrounding communities. Animal health is greatly reduced by constantly breathing ammonias and hydrogen sulfide in confined air spaces.

The chemical masking agents typically sprayed inside these facilities often are unhealthy to employees.

Food transportation and storage face accelerated ripening and spoilage due to off-gassing ethylene and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) that negatively impact fresh produce.

Food and beverage processing facilities are also vulnerable to pandemics and at constant risk of microbial infections and molds that can impact FOOD SAFETY.

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