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WHY Choose EnvAir and Pyure Technology®

The Safest and Most Effective Air and Surface Purification Solution

Honest Representation on Technology Abilities and Effectiveness

Pyure vs Other Technologies

WHY Choose EnvAir

Pyure Technology® exceeds other purification options, all of which have limitations:

EnvAir Utilizes Pyure Proprietary Technology® with Unique Features Delivering Unmatched Performance

  1. The only Ability to Create Optimal Quantity of Hydroxyls for Full Effectiveness due to:
  • The UV energy spectrum and intensity to split H2O into a hydroxyl
  • The design of the patented hydroxyl generator
  1. Cascade Effect Outside the Device
  • Hydroxyls produce organic oxidants that disperse outside the device allowing 100% air/surface treatments
  • Organic oxidants decompose VOC’s via rapid reactions
  • These reactions produce more organic oxidants to treat entire space – any size
  • This organic oxidant-VOC chain reaction is repeated over and over
  1. The Sanitizing Effect of Organic Oxidants
  • Decompose proteins, lipids and other components in bacteria cell walls
  • This decomposition leads to rapid pathogen cell death

Pyure Technology® Airborne Hydroxyls are safe and natural  sanitizing agents.

Technology safety is based on:

  • Natural air concentration levels
  • Pyure Technology® produces the same concentrations of hydroxyls and organic oxidants that are naturally present in our outdoor environment – mimics nature

U.S. FDA Scientific reviews:

  • There is no evidence in scientific literature or science studies that suggests any safety issues exist with these environmental hydroxyl and organic oxidant concentrations.

Purification Comparisons

Purification Comparisons

US FDA Studies using Hydroxyls

Airborne Pathogens

Surface Pathogens

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