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WHY Choose EnvAir’s Odorox Units powered by Pyure Technology®

The Safest and Most Effective Air and Surface Purification Solution

Honest Representation on Technology Abilities and Effectiveness

Odorox vs Other Technologies

Odorox utilizing the Pyure Technology® exceeds other purification options, all of which have limitations:

EnvAir Utilizes Pyure Proprietary Technology

  1. The only Ability to Create Optimal Quantity of Hydroxyls for Full Effectiveness due to:
  • The UV energy spectrum and intensity to split H2O into a hydroxyl
  • The design of the patented hydroxyl generator
  1. Cascade Effect Outside the Device
  • Hydroxyls produce organic oxidants that disperse outside the device helping clean the air and surfaces in the environment
  • Organic oxidants decompose VOC’s via rapid reactions
  • These reactions produce more organic oxidants to treat entire space – any size
  • This organic oxidant-VOC chain reaction is repeated over and over
  1. The cleaning Effect of Organic Oxidants
  • Helps Decompose proteins, lipids and other components in bacteria cell walls
  • This decomposition can lead to rapid pathogen cell death

Odorox Airborne Hydroxyls are safe and natural cleansers.

Technology safety is based on:

  • Natural air concentration levels
  • Odorox Powered by Pyure Technology® producing the same concentrations of hydroxyls and organic oxidants that are naturally present in our outdoor environment – mimicking nature

Purification Comparisons

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