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Rental Units Available (Calgary area only)

EnvAir has a remediation/restoration rental fleet. These units are primarily used for sudden or old events or mishaps.  Premises can be occupied in minor cases  – with the exception of toxic chemicals such as Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia. Multiple units may be required. Units are listed in Xactimate and may be covered if a claim is being made.

Fire and Floods: 

  • remove smoke from most materials including personal contents (porous and solid materials or surfaces) caused by smoke  – organic, chemical or nicotine
  • water leaks or flooding for rivers, rain etc. – helps reduce lingering odours caused by bacteria in the water within the structure

Contents can be treated in the home or place of business.


  • caused by chemical or organic substances such as fuel spills, rotting materials (such as  food, carcasses), established mould, medical odours, sewage back-ups, animal smells (i.e. skunk or litter boxes), smoking (nicotine), stale air in homes and contents, vehicles etc.

Remediation Units:

Boss™ Industrial Purifier

Integrated fan
Noise level: less than 55 dBA
Weight: 39 lbs. (17.7 Kg)

Boss™ Industrial Purifier

The external fan provides greater air movement to treat larger spaces or those that are heavily contaminated.

No internal fan: couples to high-speed
external fans
Weight: 25 lbs. (11.4 Kg)

MVP14™ System

The MVP14™ for remediation is a stand alone system that features greater hydroxyl generating capability treating up to 25,000 sq. ft, with a single unit.

Treatable area size per unit varies depending on the issue being treated – Call for Assistance

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