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For larger commercial areas or entire buildings, Pyure offers Odorox brand custom-designed air purification solutions that integrate with existing HVAC and air-handling systems. Some units are stand alone air delivery units that do not require being integrated into an existing building air system.

More info:

Scalable to any size with significant economies of scale for large surface areas.

Depending on layout and configuration, can be used in single or multiple HVAC systems.

Optional –  sensor-driven, interactive process controls, continuous data collection and archived data storage/record keeping available.

If you are interested in our products or custom solutions and would like more information, or if you are an existing customer in need of support, we can help.

Odorox® IDI™ System

The IDI™ is a versatile purification system that fits into the ductwork of any air handling system—treating 3,000 sq ft with multiple UV optic configurations designed to treat the applications of concern. Multiple IDIs can be used to scale up to meet the size of the treatment space.


Odorox® MVP14™ System

The MVP14™ is ideal for integration into an existing HVAC system where space is limited and features greater hydroxyl generating capability than the IDI™ treating up to 75,000 sq ft (6,967 sq m) with a single system. The UV optic configuration is customized to produce the hydroxyl generation required to help treat the applications. The MVP14 is designed to meet the NEMA 12 rating.

Odorox® MVP24™ System

The MVP24™ is a heavy-duty unit built for industrial use and connection to rooftop HVAC systems. Its reinforced shell allows it to sit outside buildings enduring weather conditions without corroding by being constructed to NEMA 4X rating. Treating up to 200,000 sq ft (18,580 sq m), the MVP24™ outputs hydroxyls to help treat the desired application, and its sensors and interactive process controls ensure the levels are modulated to meet real-time requirements.

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